Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Miss Pamela

Miss Pamela is the first style of headband to be unveiled from Annelise. I was first inspired to make this headband in peacock feathers because of a version I admired on a style website. I continued to make this headband in different feathers and widths, inspired by the original rock & roll groupie in the sixties Pamela des Barres who developed an eclectic and eccentric style that is no longer seen today. Pamela lived her youth in a world of creativity, romance and adventure.

I hope you feel inspired to live out every moment while wearing your Miss Pamela headband.

Miss Pamela headband on top in:
Iridescent turquoise pheasant
Miss Pamela headband on bottom in:
Peacock Feathers

Miss Pamela available in a wide selection of feathers

1 comment:

luvnicestuff said...

Annelise feather designs are amazing. Their simplicity, fine workmanship and design all suggest timeless and ageless style. I can't wait to see more designs on your site.