Monday, December 1, 2008

Annelise Millinery at Hotshot Gallery

Hotshot Gallery located in Kensington Market is hosting a 'Hand made, Hand Picked' Artisian show starting on December 3rd through January.

Hotshot is an amazing gallery that supports local artists throughout Toronto and helps keep the art world vibrant in Kensington Market. Drop in to see all they are offering as well as try their coffees and teas in their cafe!

Please visit their website;

Hope to see you all there,


Monday, November 10, 2008

Party Girl

This headband is inspired by girls who like to get dressed up and host cocktail parties with their friends. A party girl is classy and likes to sparkle in the night sky; this is why many of the Party Girl headbands feature gemstones. A party girl is always looking for a new piece to wear out because they can never wear the same outfit twice. So next time you are looking through your closet and you think you have nothing new to wear put on a headband and you will be the it girl for the night!

The headband pictured on the top is best worn with updo's because it does not fit flat to the head.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Annelise Photoshoot

A friend of mine from University studying fashion did a fashion shoot with Annelise headbands. The pictures turned out great and will give you all a better idea of how Annelise headbands look on.

Thank you to Julia Dobbins the photographer and Katerina Maly the model.

Hope you all enjoy,


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Contact change

I will no longer be using my personal email for any Annelise correspondence. I will be now using an email devoted to only Annelise headbands.

Contact me at

Hope to hear from you!

Annelise on

I have just created a shop on to sell items! This is a exciting step for me, I will now be able to reach more people with my designs, and you can all shop with ease.

I will continue to update my blog with photos, new headbands and to take orders.

Enjoy the shop on etsy there are tonnes of things and tell all your friends!


Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Currently all the style of feathers and headbands I have are on the website. Let me know if you like any specific feather but would like it in a different style headband or clip. All headbands and clips range from $12-$25.

Thanks Briar

More New Flapper Girl Headbands

This headband is made in a variation of black feathers with
guinea feather accents.

This headband is made from white pheasant feathers.

These headbands are made from guinea feathers, the bottom
headband is in its natural colour black & white.
The top headband has been dyed in a rainbow of colours.

Audrey Headband in New Feathers

This headband is made from pheasant and guinea feathers.

This headband is done is a variation of guinea and pheasant feathers
in brown in black; this headband is in the wide style.

The headband on the bottom is done in black and green
feathers with black & white polka dot guinea feathers.
The headband on the top is in black feathers with red pheasant
feather accents. Both headbands are in the wide style.

These headbands are done in guinea feathers that have been dyed blue,
they are available in skinny version only on either a black or blue headband.

Flapper Girl in New Feathers

This headband is in a Carmel colour pheasant feather.
It is a larger style flapper girl wrapping more around the head;
looks best on dark brown hair or reds.

The headband on the left is in brown pheasant feathers.
The headband on the right is done in variegated guinea and pheasant feathers.

The flapper girl on the left is a variation of black/brown
pheasant and black guinea feathers.The headband on the right is a
variation on black guinea and yellow pheasant feathers.

The headband on the right is a brown and black pheasant feather.
The headband on the right is a pheasant feather
in gold, brown and a hint of blue shimmer.

All of these new headbands are great for the fall season and all year round.

School Girl

The school girl clip is inspired by girls who were required to wear a uniform to school everyday but wanted to show their individuality. For those of us who are restricted by a dress code at school or work, a school girl clip is a subtle way to show your personal style. Try placing several school girl clips in your hair for a truly unique and one of a kind look.

The school girl clip is made on felt which is sewn to a snap clip which can be securely placed in your hair.

This picture shows all current styles of the school girl clip.

Email me for additional photos of the clips closer to see more detail of the feather

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Want to pretend you are Holly Golightly for a day?

The Audrey headband could be your answer;
this headband is inspired by the great actress Audrey Hepburn who I believe defines the ideal of beauty, style and grace. Audrey Hepburn's style was defined by a chic simplicity that was admired by women everywhere. The design of this headband is for women who love to have a pop of something unexpected in their classic outfits.

The Audrey headband is simple and delicate, it is the final touch to any outfit.

The Audrey Headband is currently available in two sizes. large as shown by the black & white and brown & white headbands and small as shown by the yellow headband. Available in a variety of feathers.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Flapper Girl

In the 1920's a new type of woman was born, the flapper girl. Flapper girls were care free, outgoing, beautiful and stylish; they wore loose fitting skirts and tops that allowed to them to dance with ease. Flapper girls styled their loose outfits with long necklaces, hats, headbands and feathers. The Flapper Girl headband is inspired by the accessories of the stylish women who helped define the roaring twenties.

The Flapper Girl headband is a daring look that can add interest and intrigue to any outfit.

Flapper Girl Headband on left:
Black and white pheasant
Flapper Girl Headband in middle:
Red pheasant
Flapper Girl Headband on right:
Yellow & Black pheasant

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Miss Pamela

Miss Pamela is the first style of headband to be unveiled from Annelise. I was first inspired to make this headband in peacock feathers because of a version I admired on a style website. I continued to make this headband in different feathers and widths, inspired by the original rock & roll groupie in the sixties Pamela des Barres who developed an eclectic and eccentric style that is no longer seen today. Pamela lived her youth in a world of creativity, romance and adventure.

I hope you feel inspired to live out every moment while wearing your Miss Pamela headband.

Miss Pamela headband on top in:
Iridescent turquoise pheasant
Miss Pamela headband on bottom in:
Peacock Feathers

Miss Pamela available in a wide selection of feathers

Annelise is founded!

Last Christmas break I was back at my parents house and needed something to preoccupy my time in the country away from the city. I was looking around on the Internet and came across a photo of Mary-Kate Olsen wearing a beautiful peacock feather headband that went across her forehead and through her wavy hair. I instantly fell in love with it and was going to do anything to find one for myself! My epic adventure through every website imaginable ended without a peacock headband, so I decided to make one for myself. The peacock feather headband was the first headband I made and I continue to wear it all the time. After that headband I could not stop, I went mad making headbands, I made so many headbands there weren't enough days to wear them! I began showing my headbands to friends and giving them away for gifts; everyone I showed them to loved them.

The headband in the picture is Annelise Hand made feather millinery

The peacock feather headband was the inspiration for Annelise Hand made feather millinery. Annelise specializes in quality hand-made headbands, barrettes and earrings featuring different styles of feathers.